Hi there! I am Yash Mittal aka techsavvyash. I am a passionate software developer currently in the senior year of my undergraduate studies at National Institute of Technology, Kuruskhetra. Presently, I am working in the GovTech domain for over an year with Samagra Governance, building Digital Public Goods (DPGs) and population scale apps for the citizens of India.


Stencil Opinionated javascript backend framework based on NestJS.
Registry, Credentials and Wallet (RCW) Implementation of the core Verifiable Credentials services as defined by W3C, originally createed for the Unified Learner's Passbook project of the Government of Uttar Pradesh.
Konnect Odisha Agricultural loan application made easy using BeckN. Originally developed for the Safal portal by Government of Odisha.
SkillEd: Tranings and Courses Reference implementation for the SkillEd protocol (adaptation of BeckN for skilling and education), to be used by the open source community during adoption of ONEST.
cQube Lightning fast data ingestion and data analytics made easy.